The Best Ultrasonic Cavitation Machines: Reviews & Buyer's Guide

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Worldwide, millions of people are trying their best to lose weight. So to speak, weight loss has become a widespread phenomenon, and it’s going to exist continuously. Seemingly, lots of weight reduction advertisements claim that their products can effectively reduce weight, but in fact the effect is not as good as what they have advertised.

Now I would like to introduce you an ultrasonic cavitation machine that has a very effect on weight loss. It received lots of good comments from buyers and enjoyed popularity among them. There are two models of the machine. One is a 5-in-1 equipment, and the other 6-in-1. The so called 5-in-1 and 6-in 1 lie on their difference in function. For 6-in-1, it has laser pads, while 5-in-1 is without. The laser pads are used to dissolve deep fat of waist, abdomen, arms and legs with laser, thus achieving weight reduction. Laser pad of 5nm is for consolidating weight loss. By comparison, the one with laser pad is more preferred. However, when we purchase the machine, we should make overall consideration. The following are the photos for this two models of machine. We can tell which one is 5-in-1 and which is 6-in-1 by judging from the photos.


What is ultrasound beauty equipment? And how does it work?

This machine is one of the most popular models in the market. It’s a 6-in-1 ultrasonic RF model, which can burn deep fat cells. It utilizes a focused and strong sound wave head that can emit strong sound waves of high frequency which generates ultrasonic cavitation. The effect makes fat cells strike and compress and burst inwards, decomposes triglyceride into glycerine and free fatty acid, and then discharges them from body through metabolism, thus losing weight. It has a probe that is fully upgraded, with higher efficiency, suits ergonomics and easy to use.

This machine can effectively remove fat from thigh, proud flesh, black eyes, and wrinkles, improves the outline of dark skin, eye sagging and outline, boost elasticity, lift buttocks and facial contour, burns fat cells, and tighten arms. It’s advised to treat the same part at least 3 to 5 days apart.

It’s known that the manufacturer for this machine is specialize in weight loss equipment, and owns a production and after-sales service team. For customer, it’s more reliable and is definitely worth to order machine from them.

How to use ultrasound beauty equipment?

Personally, I am fond of this machine greatly. Next, I would like to share with you about my experience and feelings regarding using the machine.

How to Use

Unpack package, and install it. The installation is quite easy, and an instruction is provided. So you don’t have to worry that it’s too complicated to be installed.

After finishing installation, turn the device on and enter initial operation surface, then we can select the functions we need.

The machine includes 40K, vacuum RF, body RF, Eye RF, cold & hot hammer, facial RF, LED micro-current and laser pad.

After entering the operation surface of relevant function, we can set the operation time and energy intensity in accordance with the actual need and individual tolerance, and increase the intensity after got used to it. Here I have to say something more about vacuum RF. The higher the energy intensity, the bigger the suction. And it’s direct suction when is set to zero.

In terms of energy intensity, it’s better to start with level 2 to 5 when just start. If you can bear with higher energy intensity, you can start with it directly. Since body conditions and tolerance are vary from person to person, it’s useless if you feel nothing at all. To gain a better effect, my advice for you is to drink more water before using the machine(for detailed operation please make reference to the user manual.)

The feeling after the use

After two times of use, I notice that the skin of my abdomen turns more smooth and cellulite reduces. Therefore, the more times you use it, the better effect you will experience. Since my belly is big, I will continue to use this machine to reduce fat, as well as to my upper arm and back.

I use tripoloar to treat my neck and face, which presents an evident effect. My neck, lips and chin(the parts I need to treat the most) improve greatly after used it for just one time. I really feel amazed.

It’s a machine that widely used in medical practice in the world. It’s a non-surgical solution, and is much advanced than liposuction. It’s the most popular and fast way to reduce fat. It’s one the most reliable machines in the market. I feel no pain during the treatment. This machine has proven to be effective time and again. You can easily see the effect for weight loss and body slimming, which keeps you away from fat trouble. Lots of manufacturers tried to imitate the functions and techniques of these machines, but none of them have ever surpassed them.

Just hurry up and place an order for such an amazing machine.

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