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Take one time to get many times effect of fitness

  • Author: Ben QiuDate:11-26-2020

People have been busy with work in their daily lives. Especially for office workers, because they usually work long hours, there is not much time to exercise. Therefore, usually these people's bodies are in a state of high pressure and muscle tension. Moreover, I often feel physical fatigue, and I feel sore in many parts such as the waist and legs, neck and arms.
In fact, running after running after work can alleviate the symptoms of muscle soreness, and many people choose to go to the gym to exercise. These are all good ways to relieve your body fatigue. I personally like to go to the gym to exercise. Because fitness can be affected by time and weather. When do you want to go when. And there are also many equipment that can be exercised. You can exercise on various parts of the body and pull up muscles. But sometimes the gym is often used to relieve physical fatigue. Or losing weight often takes a lot of time. For Du Yu office workers, there is not much time to exercise.
So is there any great way to assist with exercise through the instrument? A device that shortens the time and doubles the exercise effect. Today I will introduce you to such a technology. This technology is now very mature, and various types of cosmetic body shaping instruments have also been developed.

This technology is the Digital Frequency Conversion (DFC) Micro-current Technology. The application of this technology is shown below.


As shown in the picture, this is an electronic device that helps exercise and fitness. It can promote blood circulation through electric muscle stimulation therapy, prevent breast diseases such as breast cancer, accelerate body metabolism, activate cells, and help to lose weight, shape and relax.

How does it work?

The main technical principle of this instrument is to use the Digital Frequency Conversion Micro-current Technology to continue to stimulate the muscles, fats and nerve cells of the body, so that the body can make positive reflections through the conditional reaction. Through high-frequency frequency variable-frequency micro-current, it is introduced into the body, stimulates the rapid dissolution of fat cells, and stimulates nerve cells to transmit signals to the brain. Thereby achieving the effect of accelerating the body's rapid metabolism, active cells, muscle relaxation, weight loss and body shaping, breast massage active breast cells.

The effect of digital frequency conversion micro current on the body:

The digital frequency conversion system simulates the brain to emit different bioelectric pulse commands according to the muscle size, BMI and health status of different parts of the human body. It can effectively control muscle contraction and stimulate muscle movement.
The digital frequency conversion EMS system stimulates different muscles in different parts of the human body, such as the stimulation between the abdomen and the arm, maximizing the fitness effect.
With electrical stimulation to assist in fitness, you can make your muscle strengthening, stomach workout, fat reduction & body slimming, belly training and breast lifting. And using this instrument to help fitness can greatly improve efficiency. Exercise for 20 minutes is equivalent to 120 minutes of exercise.
The treatment site of this instrument can be used in most areas of the body, such as Shoulder, arms, back, belly, chest, butt, waist, leg.

How to use it?

This instrument room is a body massage instrument that can be used in both home and beauty salons.
1. We must first connect each of the instrument's active patches (10 sets for the body and one set for the breast) to the instrument.
2. Place the electrode pads on the target area
3. Set the time and energy. It is recommended to start with low energy and then slowly adjust the energy according to each person's reaction to the micro current.
4. The use time of each part is recommended to be 20~30 minutes.
5. Drink plenty of water and replenish moisture after the end of fitness.
6. It is recommended to exercise before meals. After dinner, it is necessary to exercise after 1 hour.

Who will be the candidate by DFC EMS system?

1. Athletes can use this instrument to assist in training.
2. The staff who often sit in the office, they sit for a long time every day, will inevitably feel the muscles are sore, can help their muscles relax and relieve soreness.
3. Patients with abdominal pain can relieve pain.
4. People who are in a sub-health state and have a bad mental state every day.


Who Can’t use this machine?

1. Patients with major illnesses in the body cannot use them and need to consult a doctor.
2. Patients with a pacemaker installed
3. Patients with metal stents installed in the body
4. Patients with heart disease


How often to use DFC EMS system?
Each day recommend.

How often for each treatment?
20 minutes/treatment recommend.

If the electrode pad is throwaway?
No,each pad set for each one.

Is it effective to lie at home?
Of course, but the effect is not as good when used.

If you have any questions or questions, please leave a message, I will give you one by one to answer your questions. Of course, everyone is welcome to submit their own opinions, everyone to discuss! Thank you!

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