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New Design Beauty Machine

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More and more people pursue the quality of life, people are not only satisfied with the quality of products, but also pay more and more attention to the appearance of products, modeling. Beautiful and practical products will be more popular. The same goes for beauty machines. If you run a spa with a beautifully decorated shop, you will naturally need a beautiful and practical beauty instrument to complement it. Creating a comfortable and beautiful environment for customers is also a magic weapon to attract customers. Our new design can meet your needs, give products beautiful and practical functions, bring customers pleasure.

Now Let Me Introduce 6 New Designed Beauty Machines

Number 1 New Design Beauty Machine Skin Clean Whitening Tightening Anti-aging







DoLaS beauty machine looks like a shell and has a beautiful shape. The white design is simple and elegant, and the purple button keeps the machine from looking monotonous. The long oval display design perfectly matches the body. The screen is the right size, so it doesn't strain the eyes.

DoLaSS beauty machine looks the same as the one above. But there are two small differences, the buttons and the bottom half of the body are decorated in blue. Colors are chosen according to personal preference. The display screen is designed in the shape of water beads and looks small and beautiful.

DoLaPlus is very textured with a black and white design. The beauty machines look high-end and luxurious, meeting the needs of those who like them.

The DoLaPlus machines look similar except for the color and display design. Each of the three machines has its own features and a high level of appearance. Different display screens and colors show different styles to meet the different needs of customers.

Number 2 Tabletop Dermabrasion Skin Scrubber Ultrasound RF Skin Rejuvenation Anti-aging Beauty Machine

Model: PT-C-218


Model: PT-C-318


PT-C-218 beauty machine Looks like an eggshell with a simple and lovely style. The unique display is eye-catching.you can easily use the tiled touchscreen control settings.
This new design PT-C-318 has a unique shape that has aesthetic value. And its inclined desktop is convenient for viewing which will certainly meet your needs.

These two white portable beauty machines are designed to be compatible with vacuum RF (radio frequency), ultrasonic cavitation, RF (radio frequency), lipid laser, etc., to reduce the fat of multiple parts of the body to help you reshape your body, and to enhance facial skin elasticity to feel more comfortable and more durable.

Number 3 Desktop Ultrasonic Cavitation 2.0 RF Led Laser Body Shape Skin Care Beauty Machine Beauty Machine Case

Model: PT-D-118


Model: PT-D-318


These kinds of beauty machines have a unique design with high quality. Only one button design is easy to operate. These high-quality desktop beauty machines chassis are equipped with 45 degrees tilted 7-inch screen. The white look is elegant and soft, and can even decorate your home and spa.

These two beauty machines can compatible with hydro facial, dermabrasion, ultrasonic cavitation, RF(radio frequency), vacuum pressure, photon led therapy, lipo laser, ultrasonic scrubber, bio microcurrent technology, good for the body shape or body contouring, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, wrinkle removal, etc. This is Tabletop Skin Rejuvenation Body Contouring Beauty Case.

Number 4 New Design Beauty Machine For Fat Dissolve Body Sculpture Salon/Spa

Model: MirLife


The beauty machine has a cool design and an LED display. Fancy appearance, the unique shape is its characteristics.
It is compatible with most body sculpting and skin care handles, such as hydro facial, microdermabrasion, ultrasonic cavitation, radio frequency, etc.

Number 5 New Design Beauty Machine Cellulite Treatment Fat Loss Facial Lifting

Model: LuxCare


This machine uses the black and white classic design, simple and easy. The handle bracket is made of transparent material and looks neat and clean.

It can compatible with most body sculpturing and skin treatment solution such as hydro facial, microdermabrasion, ultrasonic cavitation, RF, etc.

Number 6 New Design Beauty Machine For Skin Rejuvenation Body Sculpture Home

Model: Famask


This beauty machine is very good-looking, whether it is tonal collocation or triangular design is enough to attract the eye.
It can compatible with weight loss and skin rejuvenation handles such as hydro facial, microdermabrasion, ultrasonic cavitation, RF, etc.

Do you think I introduce them just because of their appearance? Of course not. The great thing about the new design beauty machines is that you can get flexible customization. Flexible customization means that products can be customized according to customers' wishes. This is the original intention of our new design beauty machines. They have features as following:
1. Special design to meet your requirement
2. Flexible customized service optional
3. Aligns with your demand
4. Aesthetic Apparatus
5. Compatible with weight loss and skin rejuvenation handles
6. Any customized design available, just contact us!
7. Put your logo or other ideas as you wanna on this machine!

For example, You want to add your own logo to expand the popularity. No problem, we can add your logo on the body. You like the look of a machine, but some of its features you may not need,.What is your choice? Buy a beautiful but not practical machine, or choose to give up. If you face this dilemma, our flexible customization can help you easily solve it. We know that different handles have different functions, and the machine can be used with several different handles to achieve different functions. Our new design beauty machines have flexible and customized service, customers can choose the handle by themselves. So the product you receive is designed according to your needs, not standard. The advantage is that it gives you free choice. you participate in product design and express your own opinions, and then we will align with your demand. You don't just passively accept, you take the initiative to make your thoughts a reality. It is exciting, right?

While flexible customization is appealing, you have to know something about a machine to make a choice. As mentioned in the product description above, Different machines have different adaptive handles recommended. So I'm going to introduce some useful concepts for you.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Cavitation releases powerful ultrasound waves that rapidly vibrate fat cells, creating numerous vacuum pockets of air inside and outside the cells that have a huge impact on fat cells. The vacuum bags will destroy the fat cell membrane, thus dissolving triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids, which will disappear with daily metabolism

RF (Radio Frequency)

Using RF radiofrequency waves penetrate the skin directly, using the impedance of the skin effect can be rotated to make the cell and molecular produces strong resonance (in the order of one million times per second) to generate heat to achieve the purpose of collagen tissue heating heating and fat cells, make skin instantly at the bottom of the temperature, by stimulating the production of the dermis collagen tightening of immediacy and the principle of stimulating collagen regeneration, with lifting anti-wrinkle firming and the effect of thin face.

Ultrasonic Scrubber

Up to a million times per second high frequency vibration will instantly atomize the water medium, water mist into the pores, attack the dirt in the depths, break the dirt into small particles, vibration out of the skin pores, this vibration can go deep into the skin 3-7mm, deep temperature rise, cell metabolism is vigorous, microcirculation accelerated, promote the reflux of metabolites.


Dermabrasion adopts diamond crystals that have been processed specially to ill skin, and use vacuum suction to remove necrotic cells from the skin as well as remove the deep waste and dirty of the pore, help skin double cleansing and promote the growth of new skin.

Photon Led

The Photon Micro current Beauty Device, designed for facial beautification, uses natural light waves, which are transmitted by LED into the skin. The light activates photoreceptors in skin cells, producing energy for absorption by skin components, to beautify your complexion.

Bio Microcurrent

Microcurrents are one of the hottest innovations in the anti-aging industry, used in facial contours of top spas and medical institutions, to tighten and tighten aging skin. Microcurrents are low currents that mimic the body's natural currents and can provide immediate and cumulative results.

If you want to design your own machine, or have more ideas or suggestions, I hope to see your message!

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Hello, my name is Daisy and I have been with the Mychway Technology Company for many years. Because I think that for women, body, skin and health are very important, so I came to my company. I think beauty machines are very useful, because my customers keep telling me that they get incredible results, so I am more and more convinced that beauty machines are very good items for women. For example, ultrasound cavitation machine and RF radio frequency beauty salon machine can help skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, weight loss, let us have a perfect body, beautiful face; and about 808nm diode laser, IPL hair removal machine, E-light laser hair removal beauty machine can make our skin very white and smooth; You can also use some small portable beauty machines at home to use around the face and eyes. Some customers use the ultrasound cavitation handle, the ears will beep, these are normal, maybe you can think that the fat in your body is blasting. LOL!
I like to travel, look at beautiful scenery, look at beautiful people, taste delicious food, which is a very good life for me! Come and tell me what your good life is like!
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