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How to whiten buttocks area for good

  • Author: VincyDate:11-03-2021

We all know that the hip is one of the sexiest parts of the human body,So many people who love beauty want their hips to be warped and smooth.First of all, we need to link the structure of the hip.The hip is the joint of the waist and legs. The skeleton is a pelvis composed of two hip bones and sacrum. Outside, there are fat and wide gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus, as well as relatively small piriformis. The shape of the hip is backward, with the iliac crest at the upper edge and the gluteal sulcus at the lower boundary. When the human body is upright, the whole hip is square, and the buttocks on both sides are prominent.

Through the hip structure, we know that to tilt, we need to practice the hip muscles, and to be white and tender, we need to maintain the skin on the outside of the muscles.causes of hip common problems Common appearance problems of hips.Black on both sides of the ass, dark color, black sitting mark? Feel chicken skin, very rough, what reason?Generally, there are black marks on the hips, or local blackening, mostly at the ischial tubercle (when people sit down, they touch the protruding bone under the hips). When people sit down, this position is just the place where they are squeezed. It is easy to cause local ischemia and darken the color for a long time. At the same time, due to the friction between pants and buttocks, as well as moving friction and extrusion when sitting, the external skin protection body will make the cuticle of the skin thicker and thicker, and then accumulate into dark or black. At the same time, the skin here feels quite rough, sometimes like the stubble after a man has just shaved. These are more common in students, office workers and other long sedentary people.Black on both sides of the ass, dark color, black sitting mark? Feel chicken skin, very rough, how to do?Don't be sedentary. It is recommended to move for a few minutes in half an hour and pay attention to the combination of work and rest; Change an elastic cushion suitable for your butt, and don't touch the stool directly; When taking a bath, rub off the cuticle with a bath towel; Use whitening products, such as Wei n color tender chrysanthemum liquid for men, which is mild and non irritating. It can not only be used for chrysanthemum tinting whitening, but also on the hips, not to mention. Or self-made whitening products, such as lemon juice and tomato juice, are rich in vitamin C, which can whiten and tender after long-term use, and is natural and safe. After taking a bath every day, wipe it again and adhere to whitening.There's a boil on your ass. why?In traditional Chinese medicine, external symptoms are the manifestation of internal diseases. Generally, it is not good to have a good rest, eat spicy and greasy food, drink spicy Baijiu, and so on, which cause the body to heat and poison (that is, get angry). Then add sedentary cause local blood is not smooth, health care is not paid attention to, bacterial infections take advantage of it, and the skin grows furuncle.What should I do if my ass has a boil?Oral administration and local medication are combined for treatment. Generally, erythromycin and metronidazole are taken orally. For those who do not form pus locally, pure ichthyol or ichthyol sulfur mud ointment can be used externally every day to promote the regression of inflammation. Early furuncle cannot be cut and drained. If the mature furuncle has become purulent and soft, it can be cut and discharged; Don't be sedentary. It is recommended to move for a few minutes in half an hour and pay attention to the combination of work and rest; Light diet, do not stay up late to avoid the mental pressure of life; The buttocks are often cleaned and kept clean.Buttocks have wrinkles, hip lines and orange peel lines. Why?In the short term, weight gain or strenuous exercise will lead to the fracture of skin fiber layer, wrinkles or hip lines, orange peel lines, etc. it is generally common in women, which has no impact on health. Don't worry too much.Buttocks have wrinkles, hip lines and orange peel lines. What should I do?Eat more collagen food and less high-fat and high caloriefood;After bathing, massage in circles at the folds or apply olive oil.


Pay attention to hip appearance maintenance.If there is rough chicken skin, rub it with a bath towel when taking a bath; If it's black, men can use Wei n color tender chrysanthemum liquid for skin care. If you like to do it, you can also prepare your own whitening liquid, mix it with lemon glycerin, smear it on your hips after bathing, massage, and then rinse it; If you keep your hips smooth for a long time, you can adhere to moisturizing skin care with lemon glycerin, which is healthy, safe and natural, and the raw materials can be found everywhere.Strengthen hip muscle exercise.In addition to white and tender, let the object see and appreciate; But when you go out, a good hip shape can produce good visual aesthetics. Hip lifting helps you dress properly and walk confidently... The premise is that you must avoid sitting and standing for a long time. Exercise every day: squatting, supine hip bridge, running, etc. stick to this seemingly boring thing every day, and then hip lifting will come naturally with time.

In addition to some physical maintenance, there are also some methods that can be maintained by yourself, such as wiping more whitening hip lifting oil. As long as you insist, it will be effective, or it will be better to use it with the machine.

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