How To Use Cavitation Machine?

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Every woman wants to have a slender figure, but dreams will not necessarily come true. Ways to reduce fat abound.They can choose to eat less and also opt to take more exercise. Actually, taking exercise is the most healthy.Apart from running and skipping rope that are most commonly seen, there are many kinds of exercises to reduce fat such as sit-up and push-up, which are becoming popular. There are many online tips regrading fat-reducing through body training and now people even have a special app called Keep for this purpose.However, exercise, as often as not, is what people can not keep doing. Self-control plays a key role in reducing fat through exercise. People tend to lose their confidence in themself after falling by the wayside repeatedly. In effect, an ultrasound fat-reducing machine is now available on the market, which uses 40K ultrasonic waves to destroy fat and get it excreted from body by metabolism. Today, I’d like to share something you about this machine.


1.What’s the ultrasound fat-reducing machine

It is used to burn fat locally in beauty treatment, by which fat on the areas such as abdomen, waist, thigh, hip and arm can be reduced to meet individual needs.One thing people should be aware of is it can not be used on one’s back.

Treatment using this machine is non-invasive and painless and so it is an ideal replacement of liposuction. Heat and sound waves are used during the process to penetrate through skin to decompose adipose cells. Fat in those cells will be released and liquefied and finally be excreted from liver through lymphatic system. After that, people will slim down naturally.A reasonable diet can help achieve better results of course. Compared with taking exercise, using this machine seems to make the uphill task of reducing fat much easier.

2.What’s the principle behind it?

It works to heat up subcutaneous fat layer.When the handle of this machine moves on your skin, 40 kHz or 5 MHz sound waves can cause the vibration of adipose cells. What follows is small bubbles form among those cells after they are heated up. The resultant air pressure will eventually burst those cells, making the substances inside them released. And the unwanted fat will be excreted from body through lymphatic system. In this way, people can reduce fat. For example, one treatment on waist or thigh takes about 30-45 minutes. Ideally, many treatment receivers can see that their waistlines will be trimmed down by up to 2 inch after only 5 treatments. But for most people, 10-12 treatments are needed to achieve that results. But you know, the results varies for everyone’s different body condition.

After introducing you to the basic knowledge above, I want to share the FAQs with you.

1.How often can I use this machine?

We recommended that you use it 2-3 times a week and make sure each treatment lasts no longer than 30 minutes.

2. How long can I see the effect?

You should keep taking the treatment 2-3 times a week. And after 6-10 weeks, you can see obvious effect. Of course, effect can be seen in just 1-2 weeks but it is not so noticeable. The more you take the treatment,the more obvious the effect will be. For those who want satisfactory fat-reducing results after only one treatment, they’d better consider liposuction which can meet their needs.

3.What are the advantages of this machine?

2.Non-invasive fat-reducing and painless
Help reduce cellulite
Contour your body
No recovery time
Reduce local fat to meet individual needs

4.Why I see the effect very late?

You have to know that every one is different. Your body works based on your own metabolism. Some can experience weight loss in just one treatment but some can’t. That’s why we recommend 6 or more courses of treatment which can help you achieve ideal effects.

5.What can I do at home to help with the treatment?

5.Drink more water after treatment and avoid drinking alcohol.You can try some exercise to promote heart rate. Even doing housework can be helpful. There is no need to take violent exercise everyday. To promote metabolism through moderate exercise is just fine. You should also eat low-calorie and low-fat foods as possible as you can, and too much carbohydrate intake should be avoided.

So here is my sharing about this machine. If you have any question, welcome to leave a massage for discussion.

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