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How to Choose Ultrasonic RF Beauty Equipment?

  • Author: VincyDate:11-02-2021

With the increasingly accelerated pace of life, people feel exhausted now and again. To this end, some of them go to do massage in massage shop to get relaxed, while some will buy a ultrasonic massager and enjoy the same service at home. However, many people have difficulty in buying a massager that suits themselves. An unsuitable ultrasonic massager can’t make people get relaxed and may also harm body. Next, I am going to tell you how to select a proper ultrasonic massager.
Ultrasonic massager utilizes the inverse piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics. It, under the influence of drive signal, produces ultrasonic vibration. This device breaks through the traditional concept about massager, and has many unique advantages, which make it become the hot pot of the development of new type of massager.
Material: The outer shell for ultrasonic massager is made of either plastic or metal. Generally speaking, plastic casing is of light weight, and has good insulating property. But it’s not as durable as metal casing. Massager with metal casing may cause electric shock if there is no ground wire and electric leakage accidentally happens when in use. For safety, it’s better to choose massager with unit that can connect to ground wire.
Noise: There is not yet a standard for judging high or low noise of ultrasonic massager. Even there is a standard, it’s usually measured by decibel. However, it’s difficult for people to judge whether it conforms to their requirements. When selecting a massager, we turn the device on and check the noise level. If the noise is not too harsh, then we can purchase it. But if it is too high, it’s detrimental to the treatment.
Appearance: Ultrasonic massager should look nice and in good shape. And it feels good to grip, and is not easy to fall off, and is equipped with various massager heads for various body parts, such as cylindrical, dish-shaped, strip shape, spherical, trumpet-shaped and hair brush-shaped massager heads.

Next, I would like to tell you something about RF beauty equipment.

Radio frequency is short for RF. It stimulates the regeneration of collagen, brings about tightening, elasticity and moisturizing, and has an obvious effect on fine lines and wrinkles removal. Besides, it gives youth and vitality back to skin. More importantly, RF is a non-invasive cosmetic technique which will not cause harm to human body.

What kind of problems can RF solve? Heating contracts collagen, activation increases collagen, heating up subcutaneous fat facilitates lipolysis and heat energy accelerates lymph circulation. In a word, RF is the most effective way for anti-aging.

It has lots of advantages, such as anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, and with instant effect. Moreover, some RF beauty equipment in the market also integrate the functions of the popular red light, blue light, and infrared ray. One machine with multifunction makes it has a high cost performance.

Principle: RF is high frequency AC which reaches directly to dermis to heat up it, facilitates the rearrangement, remodeling and rebirth of collagenocyte, and makes skin plump and tightened. Hi-heat energy produced by RF dissolves skin cells, achieving body slimming and face-lift.

Therefore, I use this machine all year long. Please be noted that the face may become red and hot after the treatment, which is a normal phenomenon. This means RF energy has reached to collagen layer and activated collagen. It’s not allergy. Apply a hydrating mask after the treatment and just do normal skin care.
One more thing, set the energy level to the middle when just stared, and increase it slowly on later time.

Follow the three principles of cleanliness, hydrating and sun protection in daily skin care.

If you want to do tightening, lifting, and make face plumper, you can choose home use RF equipment. But actually I think we should focus on the anti-aging part during skin care after 25 years old. A plump and firm skin can make you stand out among peers.

As long as you have mastered the techniques in selecting the equipment, I am sure it’s not so difficult for you to get a satisfying one. As the saying goes, cheapest is the dearest. But an expensive one is not necessarily the best. You will not feel confused in choosing the equipment if you have learnt the relevant knowledge.

Keep it in mind that we have to stick to using the home use beauty equipment to achieve the effect.

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