How to choose the suitable cavitation machine for your Beauty SPA?

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This is a question that comes across to many people's mind. Even I have the same concern. However, it’s hard for me to tell which cavitation machine is better, and what types of machine suit me. The reason is that there are various types of cavitation machine in the market. All of us want to buy a cavitation machine that can work properly and more effective, and costs less money.

Do you want to buy a cavitation machine? But you have difficulty in choosing a good quality one since so many cavitation machines are selling in the market. You have inquired lots of suppliers and each of them said his product was more suitable for you. As a seller, he wants to sell out his products. No one would say that his product is not good for you.

When you face this choice, you can read the following article. Perhaps it can fix your problem.

Here I would like to share with you my more than 10-year experience in the sales of beauty equipment. It, to some extent, can help you engage in the wholesales of beauty equipment or the running of a beauty salon.

Welcome to my blog and I am sure you can find your answer here.

First, let’s check the following machine out.


As you can see, this machine is very small and it only has one handpiece. It’s no doubt that it’s good for home use. This is a 60KHz cavitation machine but it's not a professional one, which makes it a perfect option for home use. And it suits girls who want to carry one during traveling. The highlight of this machine lies in its fashionable appearance design. Besides, it has an outer shell of high quality, which makes it easy to carry. But its disadvantage is that its output energy is not that strong since it’s just a non-professional machine. Therefore, we can use it daily, or use it to lose weight at any time we want. In addition, this machine is convenient to maintain.

Then let’s have a look of the following one.


Compared with the above-mentioned one, this machine has a different appearance design. It looks more professional. And the highlight of this machine is that it has two more handpiece. In terms of function, it, undoubtedly, has two more functions. Although the two are all cavitation machine, they have big differences. This one is a 40KHz cavitation machine. Its ultrasound energy is stronger than that of 60KHz, and it has a better and faster effect on weight loss. Moreover, the two more handpiece are tripolar RF and sextupole RF. They use the same principle--radio frequency, which is for heating up. It can use for losing weight and also for tightening skin. How we can say that? You’ll get it if you know the working principle of radio frequency. It heats up fat cells and makes them swell and burst under heating. The dead fat cells then are discharged by body metabolism, thus achieving weight loss. When RF is heating, it’s heating up cells at the same time, which activates cell metabolism and produces more collagen that tightens skin, thus achieving skin firming. Why is this equipment equipped with RF handpiece? Because fat layer gets thinner after fat is removed, and then skin shows folds. Therefore, skin need to be firmed.

Even though this machine has a small body, it has a full function. Hence, it’s good for home use and beauty salon.

Let’s examine the last one.


This one is a hot seller in the market since it has a very good curative effect. As you can see, it's a professional cavitation machine. First, it’s much bigger than the previous two and it has more handpiece. It includes lipo laser, 40K cavitation, vacuum RF and EMS. It, thus, can not only use for weigh reduction but also for facial care. Among all the handpiece, lipo laser, 40K cavitation and vacuum RF are for weight reduction, while RF and EMS are for firming facial skin. It has a HD touch screen and is easier to operate. And client’s logo can be printed on the machine. It’s good for commercial use, including training agency and beauty salon. It, however, is not a perfect choice for home use and traveling. It’s huge, and professional, which needs to be operated by professional beautician.

By comparison, I believe all of you can have a knowledge of my advices. That is what kind of cavitation machine do you want and where do you want to use it? For home use, you can buy the first one that mentioned above, while for both home use and beauty salon, you can choose the second one. If you have a beauty salon, then you can buy the last one. Perhaps now you have an idea that what kind of machine do you really need.

Last, I hope my advices can help you get the desired cavitation machine. And you are welcomed to offer your suggestions and for further discussion. Thank you.

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