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How does cavitation machine work to remove fat

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This kind of machine uses RF and high-frequency ultrasonic waves to act on human body. Those waves can make bubbles form at the subcutaneous fat layer. And then they will burst, which can decompose fat in intercellular space. In the end, the products of fat decomposition will be excreted through lymphatic system

To slim down and build body has now become a trend. Reducing fat is not only a goal for some individuals but also for almost every one in the society. We have to admit that reducing fat is a tough task and so it is important to find a suitable and healthy way. Here, I’d like to introduce a helpful treatment to you, which is ultrasonic cavitation machine. What is the ultrasonic cavitation machine? How does it work to remove fat?

In short, ultrasonic cavitation treatment is for reducing fat, which uses high-frequency sound waves to destroy adipose cells. It can reduce fat on specific areas to make body slenderer. Compared to traditional liposuction, it doesn’t need a surgery to achieve that purpose. So, it has been seeing increasing popularity In recent years.


What is the ultrasonic cavitation machine?

The ultrasonic cavitation machine is used to help reduce fat by producing sound waves. Up to 40KHZ sound waves can give great impact on adipose cells and cause friction among them, thus effectively consuming energy and destroying those cells. When the sound waves vibrate those cells, they will burst quickly and finally fat will be reduced. Generally speaking, it can reduce fat, help detox body through lymphatic system, tighten skin and increase its elasticity.


How does the cavitation machine work to reduce fat?

Machines of this kind use high-frequency sound waves to decompose fat, the products of which will be left in intercellular space and then be removed by lymphatic system. Specifically speaking, ultrasonic waves can produce destructive vibration after reaching deep skin. And then adipose cells will separate from each other and come off dermis. A few days later, those cells will be moved to lymphatic system, processed by liver and finally, excreted from body as waste existing in sweat, urine and feces.

How many treatments do I need to take? How often do I need to take one treatment to see the effect?

Reducing fat by this treatment is a gradual process, which means you won’t see immediate effects after taking just one treatment. It normally takes 8-12 courses of treatment for you to see the ideal effects. The specific number of treatment you should take to achieve that purpose depends on age, weight and the areas to be treated. 30-50 minutes is needed for each treatment and professional operation of the machine is the prerequisite for the effectiveness of treatment on each area


1.How much does it cost to buy a cavitation machine?

The prices of the machine range from 200 to 800 dollars, which are much lower than the fees paid for treatments in beauty salons.

2. Is this machine really effective in reducing fat?

The answer is positive. It is a very suitable way to reduce fat and can also shape body.

3. Is it dangerous to use this machine?

No danger. This treatment is painless. When the handle of the machine moves on your body, you will have the sensation of having a massage comfortably instead of any discomfort. So, burning skin is impossible. Once the treatment is over, your daily life and work can continue.

If you have any question or suggestion for this kind of machine, you can leave a massage. I will be pleased to receive your feedback!

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