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Everything You Need to Know Facial Care

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For women especially the ones who want to become elegant and attractive, they should acquire some basic but necessary knowledge about face skin care. Who don’t want to be a head-turner on the streets? So, what’s the basic steps of normal face care for a women?

1.Clean face with water

Every time we wake up in morning, what we must do is to wash our faces. It is recommended that you use a basin of hot water first which can make our pores expand and make it easier to get the dirt in pores out. After that, you can use cold water to wash you face again, which can contract pores.


2.Face cleanser

When it comes to buying face cleanser, we need to take notice of the product’s description. We should buy the product for daily skin care instead of the one for exfoliating skin or removing makeup. The ordinary skincare face cleanser is just fine.

3.Skin hydration

To hydrate our skin is very important to keep skin in good condition. Generally, there are many high-quality serum liquid, toner and so on, which can suit our needs.

4.Moisturizer and suncream

After above steps, we need to use some moisturizer to retain lotion and serum. In summer, we also need to apply suncream to protect our face from the damages caused by sun rays.

5.Foundation primer

When we wear make-up and go out, you must pray that your make-up won’t get messed up and meanwhile dirt and bacteria in the air can be prevented from staying on our skin. Under such circumstance, we’d better apply foundation primer to our face.

6.Makeup removing process

For a woman who pay much attention to face care, make-up removing steps are also important. A good and fast make-up removing procedure will not cause damages to our skin. Of course, most of females need to know normal make-up removing steps. So a liquid product for removing make-up is what females should take into consideration. Gentle and non-irritating products like OHB make-up removing liquid are fine because they can protect your sensitive skin from irritation.


Those are what females need to know in terms of facial care. But the question is how to deal with skin problems such as wrinkle, acne, allergic reaction, black spots and blackhead. Only professional medical methods can solve those problems.

Here I’d like to share a website with you:http://www.mychway.com which there are many beauty machines available for our facial skin problems.
The machine below is the very one that can meet your needs.


This 7-in-1 facial hydro dermabrasion machine have 6 skincare hand piece, namely hydro dermabrasion pen, ultrasonic skin-cleaning handle, ultrasonic facial handle, RF skin-lifting handle, oxygen sprayer and cold hammer handle.
This machine is a must for beauty salons and spa centers, which can provide you with deep skin car

This machine has following functions:
-Slough off corneum and refresh skin
-Improve skin quality and remove imperfection
-Promote collagen regeneration and increase skin’s elasticity
-Improve skin structure and increase skin’s resistance to bad environment
-Remodel skin and restore skin’s health

There are many skin problems people have in daily life. I’m not sure that you are also troubled by them. Don’t worry, you can own ideal skin texture if you raise your awareness of skin care, keep away from pollutants and harmful radiation, and prevent problem-causing factors.

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