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Cavitation Machine: Expectations vs. Reality

  • Author: VincyDate:11-02-2021

As society develops, living standards of ordinary people have been greatly improved. More and more people have higher standards for their life quality in both material and spiritual aspects. For people pursuing material comforts, their happiness consists in eating and drinking. People only wanted to eat enough food before but now they are particular about food taste and culture, which partially results in the growing population of obese people. Obesity really gives people many troubles in their lives.


With years of experience in beauty industry, I want to share my ideas with you about some issues most of people care about. Most of us pay attention to our figures, thinking being slender as a beauty standard. Indeed, that seems to be accepted by people around the world especially by many females who are willing to make great sacrifices to achieve that.
I’m a beauty machine salesman. Of various kinds of beauty machine, most people buy them for reducing fat. And there are also numerous kinds of fat-reducing machine which adopt various combinations of technologies.

Today, I wanna to introduce Ultrasound Cavitation machine to you. Based on such technology, many beauty machine have been developed and launched. Ultrasonic waves with different frequencies have different levels of energy. If a certain kind of ultrasonic wave has higher vibration frequency, it has higher level of energy but shorter wavelength, which also means it has shorter transmission distance. And for a low-frequency ultrasonic wave, its properties are contrary to high-frequency wave. This is very understandable if you know some physical knowledge about ultrasonic waves.


This machine can produce up to 30khz ultrasonic wave to act on deep stubborn fat, which is very suitable for people who want to reduce fat. Though its vibration frequency is relatively low, it can be transmitted a relatively long distance. So it can effectively reduce deep fat compared to 40Khz or 80khz machines.

Many expect to get rid of fat to achieve their expected results as quickly as within a week or even several days by using this machine. Actually, it is impossible. Fat-reducing effect varies, depending on individual body situation and how thick their fat layers are. Ultrasonic treatment is a kind of physiotherapy. Only when it works in conjunction with natural metabolism process can the final purpose of reducing fat be achieved. The whole process is about 1-3 months, which is longer than we have imagined. Still, this way is the healthiest and most effective when compared to those surgeries which may cause great damages to your body.


There are numerous advantages of using cavitation machine to reduce fat.

1.Painless&safe: the advanced technology it adopts can make sure the treatment receivers experience no pains and side effects during and after the treatment, for which it is an ideal option for you compared to liposuction, taking exercise and giving up your favourite foods

2.Time-saving: no more than 30 minutes. It means the treatment receivers don’t need to spend unnecessary time at beauty salons. That can save time not only for treatment receivers but also for the treatment performers.

3.Excellent value: though it adopts advanced technology, it is reasonably priced. You can buy one at an online or bricks-and-mortar shop at a relatively low price. But what’s important is you must be sure of the reliable services and high-quality products of retailers.

So, here is our suggestion for people who want to reduce fat: you can try this machine if you didn’t before. Big surprise is believed to await you!

If you have any problem, you are welcome to leave a message. Thanks.

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