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Cavitation 3.0: the newest technology in fat-removing

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“Overweight”is a term which usually describes who have much more unwanted fat than ordinary people and so are considered unhealthy or unattractive. Indeed, being overweight or obesity is a commonly seen disease, especially in the places where people are well-fed and they tend to have a sedentary lifestyle. Among adults in America, up to 64% of them are overweight or suffering from obesity. This proportion has been rising over the four decades. One-billion adults worldwide suffer from such problem and they come from varying age groups. So, it has become something like pandemic raging through the globe. A healthy body needs moderate amount of fat for the hormonal production, and the normal functioning of reproductive system and immune system. Also, fat can provide energy for human body. But when fat accumulation is beyond what we need, we will probably suffer from many problems like slow body movement, the lack of skin’s elasticity and unattractive figure.


The insurance for fat-reducing treatment is still imperfect. It is widely believed that to reduce fat can help lower the risk of health problems and improve living quality. But some people hold that going on a diet may be harmful to one’s health. For all of us, to experience a short-term process of losing®aining fat (this is called“weight cycle”, or yo-yo effect)will cause more harm to our body and become an underlying factor for major health problems in the future. The reason explaining that is this way can help reduce far more muscles than fat in your body.

Now more and more people are willing to choose fat-reducing machine. This kind of machine adopts non-surgical technology to make you return to healthy weight. It is a safe way to reduce fat without side effects. The fat-reducing machine based on Cavitation 3.0 can provide users with simple and more effective treatment, in which energy output is produced from one point to the whole working surface and so treatment area becomes larger.


This picture shows the differences of working status between Cavitation 3.0 and Cavitation 2.0. there is energy output from one point in Cavitation 2.0 while in Cavitation 3.0, the energy output exists on the whole working surface.

What’s the working principle of the Cavitation 3.0 ?
It can produce up to 40K Hz ultrasonic waves. The adipose cells will take impact from those ultrasonic waves after they enter human body to make movement. And then, water in those cells will be consumed and the fat will be also released from inside. Finally, the adipose cell will be shrunk.

So, which machine on the market has adopted the technology of cavitation 3.0?

This machine is put on the market recently with the ultrasonic handpiece based on cavitation 3.0 technology.

The advantages of this machine:
1.Based on the cavitation 3.0, we redesign the previous ultrasonic transducer, which is more powerful.
2.With higher power, the new ultrasonic transducer can improve treatment efficiency and therefore save us a lot of time.
3.Better energy-saving material is used in the handpiece to lower energy loss.
4.Reduce fat
One of the handpiece of the machine has the vacuum function as well as the ultrasonic function that is based on cavitation 3.0 technology, which can deliver better treatment results. Ultrasonic wave is one of the commonly used technologies in beauty treatments including fat removal. The cavitation effect of the ultrasonic wave is also used to work together with other technologies in the same machine, through which people aim to achieve more effective treatment purpose. Based on ultrasonic waves, the machine can make heat produced at subcutaneous fat layer at a depth of 6 centimeters. Fat will be heated up, liquefied and decomposed. Meanwhile, circulation of blood vessels and lymphatic system will be promoted. It can not only shrink adipose cells to reduce fat but also help relieve one’s pressure, help one have good sleep and promote the regeneration of skin cells.

You need to move the handpiece constantly on skin during the treatment, otherwise there will be damages caused to skin because the temperature of the working face of the handpiece may rise to 60-70 degree Celsius.
The vacuum function works in conjunction with the ultrasonic wave, thus promoting the fat-reducing effectiveness to shape body and smooth skin.

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