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Cavitation 3.0 Machine: The Painless Secret to Perfect Curves

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Are you getting anxious about your extra fat? Or do you think your body line is not perfect enough? Traditional massage fat loss effect is slow, perhaps you have gone through some invtrusion medical beauty methods such as surgical liposuction, but the tedious preoperative preparation period, surgical pain and postoperative sequelae or recovery period make you feel tangled. If you're in this annoyance, then I think the Cavitation 3.0 -- a painless weight loss shaping technology can solve your troubles.

Are painless non-invasive means really useful for fat loss and body shaping? -- This must be a common question for many people. As the proverb goes, no gain without “pain”. People prefer to believe that a greater price will a greater harvest. Here I'll give you how ultrasonic cavitation makes people painless fat loss.


Cavitation 3.0 probe can produce up to 40,000HZ ultrasonic wave, which can bring strong impact to adipose cells and make friction occur among them after entering human body and then effectively consume energy and water to shrink those cells. At the same time, those cells will burst due to such destruction.The broken-down fat cells move from the body to the liver where they are discharged as waste. In this way, it can achieve the effect of reducing fat. Tens of thousands of tiny bubbles, namely cavitation vacuums, are produced by vibration of liquid. These bubbles grow in the vacuum region formed by the longitudinal transmission of ultrasound, which will close rapidly in the positive pressure region. Those bubbles are compressed and stretched by alternating positive and negative pressures. When the bubbles burst, there will be huge instantaneous pressure of up to tens of MPa to hundreds of MPa, and some degree of vibration and noise will be produced

Effective and Safe

A small study done in 2007 by J Moreno-Moraga followed 30 individuals who were all given ultrasonic cavitation body contouring treatment. No other body contouring procedure was used during the study. Participants all saw a reduction in body fat mass after three treatments. The treated body fat area was reduced in size by one to three centimeters at the conclusion of the study. No adverse effects were observed during the treatment and follow up period. This study shows the effectiveness and safety of ultrasonic cavitation for fat loss. Ultrasonic cavitation is a safe FDA approved procedure. Since the procedure is non-invasive, there is no downtime needed. The destroyed fat cells do not grow back. The results of ultrasonic cavitation can last with continued weight maintenance activities.

Ultrasonic cavitation is a FDA safety procedure approved.Since the operation is noninvasive, no downtime is required.The damaged fat cells will not grow back. Today this treatment is usually used by many people with other weight loss to eliminate excess fat more efficiently.


We already know that ultrasonic cavitation fat loss is really effective and safe, so is it really painless?

In general, ultrasound cavitation fat reduction is painless during surgery, and some people may have minor side effects after treatment, but they will subside after a few days.

Ultrasound cavitation is considered a low-risk treatment for most people. Anesthesia is not required before ultrasound cavitation, and you may feel warm and hear the ultrasound machine hum during the procedure. Some people may experience tinnitus, it is normal because ultrasonic wave is beyond the range of human sound waves. After treatment, the pain and bruising are usually so small that you can drive yourself go back to work.

Common side effects include: redness, blood stasis, headache. Mild redness and swelling of sensitive skin after using CaVstorm are normal and will subside in 2 - 4 days.

Cavitation 3.0 — A New Technology

If you know about cavitation before, or have been treated with cavitation, you may be wondering about Cavitation 3.0 because you've never heard of them before. Cavitation 3.0 is a new technology for fat reduction that is used in the new beauty machine -- CaVstorm. This is a breakthrough compared to the old cavitation technology.

More Efficient to Work

Based on the Cavitation 2.0 technology, Cavitation 3.0 own a new ultrasonic transducer, which is much stronger than the older version.
The energy of the ultrasonic transducer of Cavitation 2.0 is concentrated on a point output, while the ultrasonic transducer of Cavitation 2.0 covers all transducer for output. In contrast, Ultrasound Cavitation 3.0 with much more work area, stronger energy, higher processing efficiency, and faster fat loss, which saving time costs for therapists and curer.

Better Material of the Probe

The probe of CaVstorm used higher quality, energy-efficient treated materials to reduce the loss rate. These material make the probe has a better quality, prolong the product life.


On the CaVstorm, one handle has two functions, are StormVacuum & Cavi
and Storm Vacuum & RF, which improves the treatment effect,meet the all basic needs during the treatment process. Allow the therapists complete the whole treatment process more convenient and easier.

Unapplicable population

Although the CaVstorm fat reduction operation is very safe, the following people are not suitable for this treatment.

Pregnant women and breastfeeding women
People who show skin folds below 2 cm
Infection or inflammation in the area of the operation
Individuals with a history of malignancy
People with a pacemaker or other metal implants
Patients with coagulation dysfunction or taking drugs that affect blood coagulation
Patients with serious diseases such as diabetes and osteoporosis.

Tips Before Using

1. Before using the CaVstorm, clean the skin and apply appropriate beauty and skin care products to ensure the normal operation of the instrument;

2. Please remove the metal jewelry you wear to avoid weakening the effect of ion pulse before treatment;

3. Sensitive skin will have slight redness and swelling after using CaVstorm, which is a normal phenomenon and will subside soon;

4. Use Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe burst fat, it is recommended not to exceed 2 times a week.

5. There must be other media such as gel during Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe fat explosion operation, otherwise there will be a certain loss of the instrument.

6. During Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe at burst treatment, some customers may experience tinnitus. This phenomenon is normal because this band has exceeded the range of human sound waves.

7. The Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe gathering wave fat head of this instrument cannot be used on the head (above the neck). Not for glottis and sexual organs.

8. After treatment, the user should add water in time.

9.It is important to note that your weight could return if you consume a high- calorie diet.

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