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Are Facial Care Good for the Skin? Here's Everything You Need to Know.

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Male or female, doing facial care a lot brings many benefits. Facial care can make skin smooth and relieve dull yellow skin. Above all, it can prevent the skin from aging and ward off the slackness of the skin tissue. Therefore, there are lots of benefits of doing skin care often.

Clean Skin

The main part of facial care in a beauty salon is facial cleansing. When we wash our face, we may not notice that the dust in the pores of the face is not removed completely. If we go to a beauty salon for facial care, some of its machines can remove the bacteria and blackheads from the pores, which makes the pore unobstructed and the skin more rejuvenated and smooth. Thus, it's useful that we do facial care in a beauty salon.

Prevent Skin diseases

Correct facial skin care helps to prevent the occurrence of acne, delay the aging of the skin, thus maintaining the health and youth of the skin.

Make the Skin More Healthier

Correct facial skin care contributes to improve the bad conditions of the skin, such as dark or coarse skin or color spots on the skin, thus maintaining the health and beauty of the skin.

Make You Relax & Reduce Your Pressure

The correct massage technique, a comfortable environment, and light music help to relax the nerve and muscle and ease the pressure during facial skin care.

Boost Your Confidence

Facial skin care can relieve the adverse conditions of the skin. Meanwhile, it can enhance the confidence of the user.

Do Anti-aging & Reduce Wrinkles

Facial massage can help to remove wrinkles. While massaging the face, the metabolism of the skin accelerates, skin elasticity enhances, skin vitality boosts, and wrinkles remove.

Help with Face Slimming

Facial massage can help to slim the face. On one hand, facial massage can accelerate the elimination of the excess moisture and toxins of the face. On the other hand, it can speed up the burning and metabolism of fat, thus helping to slim the face and tighten the facial contour.

Make You More Attractive

The face offers the first impression of a person to others and is also the part that can most express the beauty of a person. Since facial skin is subject to heavy pollution from the outside, it causes skin problems if it’s not cleaned for a long time. Even makeup can not make it looks good.

Make Your Maintenance of the Skin More Professional

We use a facial mask or an electric face washing brush to remove the dirt from the pores at home. But when we use them, our pores are actually closed. So it’s really hard to truly get rid of the dirt using this stuff. However, visiting a beauty salon for facial care is a different story. The beautician will use steam to open the pore, then clean them, which is much better than what we do at home.
It’s just like we use dental floss to remove the dirt from the mouth at home, but we still need to visit a dentist regularly.

The following one is a hot-selling facial care device from our company. It’s called the multifunctional hydro facial machine. So how does it work? The hydro facial machine has a very good cleansing effect, which can relieve epifolliculitis, remove blackheads, etc.


This device utilizes the principle of ultra-tiny water flow, airflow, vacuum, water circulation, and a special three-level solution, which can infiltrate into the pores and clear out the accumulated dirt, aged keratin, and excess sebum. It has a small and big sucking head, which can be used repeatedly. And it dredges pores, unblocks the breathing channel for the skin, improves metabolism, supplements moisture to the skin, and proves assistance to subsequent skin care. The vacuum loop, which is formed by the vacuum of the device, fully unites with the ultra-tiny bubbles and nutrient solution. The special spiraling sucking head acts on the skin directly, which can promote skin peeling.

This device carries out cleansing without causing pain. For oily skin that is good for cleansing, it can achieve a comfortable and safe result with the use of a proper frequency. In addition, it has a RF handpiece for skin tightening, a skin scrubber for facial cleaning, and an ultrasound handpiece for face slimming. Last, I would like to introduce you a LED mask that can do 180° facial skin calming and rejuvenation. Its functions are good enough for a new hand, which is both practical and has a high cost performance.

For skin with early aging and wrinkled symptoms, simple daily skin care may not achieve the ideal effect. But visiting a beauty salon one time a week or a month can yield twice the result with half the effort. So why not have a try?

Esthetician, Training consultant
3 Years experience as esthetician who uses strong business, sales and customer service skills to meet spa goals and exceed client expections. Employs extensive training and education skin care to accentuate the beauty of each client. Skilled in diverse facial treatments.

Duties and Responsibilities
- Provides skin care consultation and other related procedures to clients
- Provides facial massages
- Administers chemical peeling procedures
- Performs professional skin care facials, such as microdermabrasion treatments, hydrafacial, anti-aging procedure ect.
- Provides orientation to correct skin care procedures
- Conducts body cellulite treatment procedures
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