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A Secret On Cavitation Machine You May Need Know About

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In such society where people regard being slender as a beauty standard, almost every one want to lose weight. Nothing can be more discouraging than the below-expectation results after making great efforts in reducing fat. Sometimes, no matter how hard you control your food intake or take exercise, you still can reduce stubborn fat on some areas such as abdomen, back and cellulite area.

But guess what? You won’t coexist with such annoying fat for ever. The ultrasonic cavitation treatment is one of the newest beauty treatment, which can help reduce unwanted fat and have immediate effects. Certainly, this is just one of its various advantages.


The cavitation machine can be used on almost every part of your body(excluding back and breasts). People usually use it on abdomen, leg, thigh, hip and waist.

The ultrasonic fat-reducing treatment is non-invasive

Unlike liposuction, this treatment is non-surgical, which means it needs no anaesthetic, blood supply and bandages. It uses ultrasonic waves to help you to trim down waistline instead of causing any damage to your body.

This treatment works in conjunction with body metabolism

This machine can use ultrasonic waves to decompose fat, leaving surrounding tissue intact at the same time. After that, the substances produced by fat decomposition will be disposed of and removed through your own metabolism.

What kind of cavitation machine is better?

Many people tend to buy cavitation machine producing highest-frequency ultrasonic waves? Is it true that the higher the frequency is, the better the effect will be? If you have basic physical knowledge, you will know that the wavelength of ultrasonic wave is inversely proportional to its frequency(C=λf). So, the lower the frequency is, the longer the wavelength will be. Longer wavelength can ensure the ultrasonic wave reaches deeper skin. For people who have thick fat accumulation, the machine with relatively lower frequency is more suitable for them because it can help remove deep fat layer. And for people who have less unwanted fat, the medium-frequency ultrasonic wave is just fine. To choose a proper machine based on your own situation is very important.

What’s the differences between Mode A and Mode B when you use 40K cavitation machine?

Many people have no idea about that. The two modes are chosen for different purposes. Mode A is constant working mode and is suitable for people who have relative thin fat layer while Mode B is discontinuous working mode and is suitable for people who have thick fat layer.
Thick abdominal fat accumulation is such an embarrassing problem for almost all obese people. How to use the ultrasonic cavitation machine to reduce abdominal fat? There are typical massage techniques and operation procedure for you to achieve your purpose.

1.Rub oil into abdomen by moving in circular motion with both hands.
2.Knead abdomen alternately with both hands, 3 times.
3.Knead abdomen with both hands using chiropractic technique, 3 times.
4.Lift belt vessel on the two sides with both hands alternately, 16 times
5.Move hands in 8-shaped motion with right hand and left hand moving clockwise and anti-clockwise respectively on waist, 3 times.
6.Overlap hands and message the intestinal canal clockwise, 3 times.
7.Massage abdomen with both hands moving in circles
8.Push meridians downwards with both hands alternately, 3 times
9.Starting from RN3 acupuncture point, push to belly navel, slide to waist and then lift upwards to groin with both thumbs, 3 times.
10.Massage abdomen with both hands moving in circles, 3 times.
11.Slide to groin, the end.
12.Use the handpiece to lift from one side of waist to abdomen and then to groin line by line, 3 times. About 5 minutes.
13.Use the handpiece to lift the other side, 3 times.
14.Move the handpiece on abdomen in small circles first and then big circles, 3 times.
15.Move the handpiece in 8-shaped motion on one side of waist, 3 times.
16.Repeat the technique on the other side.

How to keep this machine in good condition?

You need to clean the machine by using normal saline after treatment to keep it in good condition and lengthen its service life. You need to detach the hand piece, clean it with towel and finally put it away properly. This machine should not be placed in damp environment or next to water sources and its direct exposure to sun rays are also not allowed. Please do not put it around strong heat sources because this may lead to abnormal functioning and shortened service life. Please press the power switch to turn the machine off and cut off the electricity supply when you don’t use this machine to ensure safety. During treatment, the working surface of the handpiece should be in full contact with skin. Set the energy at the lowest level at the beginning and then slowly raise it when users adapt. Keeping the area moistened during the treatment is a must. Do not perform the treatment on dry skin.

In addition to enough water intake, healthy diet and moderate exercise, you don’t need to take any extra action and you will see the benefit brought by the ultrasonic fat-reducing treatment. You may rest assured that you will achieve satisfactory fat-reducing results through this machine. So what are you waiting for? Just give it a try!

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