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A Review of the FQAs on Ultrasonic Cavitation Machines

  • Author: VincyDate:11-02-2021

1. What is an ultrasonic cavitation machine?

The advanced ultrasonic cavitation machine aims at emitting ultrasound of ultra-low frequency, which causes fat cells to collapse. The liquefied fat spill over the gaps between cells through the fractured membrane. When the liquefied fat is released, it will be removed through natural detox and metabolism.

2. Why does an ultrasonic cavitation machine stand out among all the methods?

First, it only causes injury to the fat cells during treatment. No connective tissue fibers or epidermal histiocytes get injured, involved in, or under influence.

Second, the machine can reduce fat, and its RF for weight loss can rejuvenate the skin, and make it more healthy and softer. And it recovers the elasticity and tightness by synthesizing the essential protein. As time goes on, collagen and elastin can restore the skin.

Last, it offers a more evident effect after every treatment. The combination of low-frequency cavitation and the necessary lymphatic drainage can remove the liquefied fat naturally through metabolism, urinary system, and lymphatic system, thus achieving detox and fat removal rapidly.

3. How does an ultrasonic cavitation machine work?


Ultrasound refers to the sound frequency. When it vibrates, the ultrasonic machine produces a sound that cannot be heard by human beings. We measure how many times the sound vibrates per second, take it as sound frequency, and call it Hertz(Hz). Human beings can detect a sound frequency between 20 and 20,000 Hz, but cannot hear a sound that is higher or lower than this range. Therefore, the sound frequency that is higher than 20,000 Hz is called “ultrasound”.

Mhz is equal to 1,000,000 Hz. According to statistics, the average sound frequency for medical use is between 1 MHz and 5MHz. The lower the Mhz, the more powerful the energy. Low-frequency has a powerful penetrating power and directivity. Ion vibration(alternate positive and negative sound wave) exerts a great pressure wave upon the fat cytomembrane. Usually, the membrane of a fat cell cannot resist this strong pressure. Thus, collapse and liquid substances will squirt and flow into mesenchyme. These liquid substances will be discharged through the metabolism of the lymphatic system.

If it’s still hard to understand, let’s check how an ultrasonic cavitation machine does decomposition:
Ultrasound cavitation uses a strong sound wave and heat wave to reduce fat cells and cellulite of the body.

Ultrasound will go deep into the skin causing vibration.

Tiny cavitation will form among the fat cells. When they expand, separate from each other, and fall off from the dermis, pressure will be generated.

The pressure causes the fat cells to liquefy, thus releasing the intracellular substances into the blood.

The fatty acid will be treated by the lymphatic system and removed from the body by various means.

In addition to this, this technique stimulates the production of collagen, promotes digestion, removes fine lines, facilitates anti-aging, and rejuvenates the skin.

4. Is an ultrasonic cavitation machine effective?

The following is the natural process for fat removal: When the liquefied fat is discharged, it will leave the body through natural metabolism. Besides, compared with operation or workout, this machine can slim the body at a very fast rate. Based on the body parts to be treated, the treatment time varies. For some body parts, even those who are so busy with their work can take the treatment, and the treatment time for each treatment is short.

The technology used by this machine is based on powerful focused ultrasonic energy. Its energy can orient and gather at the local targeted zone. This precise treatment can cause lots of microcosmic blasts among the fat cytomembranes and collectively destruct subcutaneous fat cells(adipocyte). Once the cells are damaged, the substances inside the fat cells are released into the gaps between the cells. Enzymatic metabolism will further dissolve them into water-solubility glycerin and free fatty acid. With the help of lymphatic drainage and massage, the fatty acid is further decomposed after entering the liver. While the glycerin will go to the circulatory system and produce energy.

According to a survey, the body part that people want to reduce the fat most is the waist or thigh. For these two parts, it usually requires a treatment that lasts for 30 to 45 minutes each time. Under ideal conditions, most people can achieve the desired effect after 8 to 10 times treatment. But a naked-eye effect can only be attained after about 4 times treatment. Of course, the effect varies since everyone's physical conditions are different.


5. Why do I need to use an ultrasonic cavitation machine?

As mentioned above, ultrasound will produce many tiny holes, which causes the fat cells to generate inner blasts due to the high pressure. It’s very effective that the liquid substances of the fat cells get burst and spill through its membrane. It targets these cells and directly leaves the body through the combination of its inner fat liquid and lymphatic drainage. The exact life span and number of the fat cell are predefined by mother nature, which means the new fat cells will not form in a person’s life. On the contrary, the increase of the fat deposit is the result of the rise of the current cells rather than the rise of the fat cells.

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