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A review of cavitation 3.0 Machine

  • Author: LeoDate:11-03-2021

With the continuous development and progress of the times, people have a higher pursuit of perfect body shape. Everyone wants to show their most beautiful side. But obesity has become a stumbling block for many people on the road to beauty. Losing weight is not just a goal, but an entire industry. However, one treatment that can help you lose weight is ultrasound cavitation. Nowadays, various weight-loss facilities and equipment are constantly updated, so we must also follow the trend and cannot be eliminated by society, because the technology will only become more and more advanced, such as from the original 1.0 cavitation to 2.0 cavitation and then to The current 3.0 cavitation. But what exactly is ultrasonic cavitation and how does it help you lose weight? Here, I will review the latest 3.0 cavitation machine with you.

Negative pressure radio frequency and negative pressure & CAVI instruments are currently the most popular detoxification, firming, and shaping instruments. They can effectively replace all body care items in beauty salons. The operation is simple, convenient, and fast, and solves the problem of beauty lovers. For body management issues, this instrument is safe and effective, no injections, no medications, no surgery, no side effects, external use throughout the entire process and immediate results. Radiofrequency heats the skin deeply, stimulates the proliferation and reorganization of collagen in the skin dermis, accelerates the blood circulation of the underlying skin, and achieves the purpose of firming, plumping, anti-aging and preventing aging. At the same time, it can break the hard fibers of cellulite with negative pressure technology. The skin is more elastic, so as to achieve the effect of shaping. Special frequency ultrasound combined with negative pressure aims at the parts that are difficult to lose weight in daily life, bringing amazing results.


What is 3.0 cavitation?

1. Simply put, based on 2.0 cavitation, a new ultrasonic transducer is redesigned. The output power will be much larger than 2.0 cavitation, and it reaches 100W. The biggest advantage of 3.0 cavitation is that it saves a lot of working time and improves the efficiency of treatment. The effect you originally took an hour to achieve can now be achieved in half an hour, achieving a multiplier effect, which is quite beneficial in a beauty salon. The same is true for my own use at home, because everyone is very busy and may not have much time to spend on treatment. Therefore, this machine meets everyone’s needs, not only saving time but also achieving very good results .

2. Cavitation is the use of a strong sound wave head that gathers strong sound waves and emits sound waves with a frequency of 40,000HZ. After entering the human body, it can cause human fat cells to produce a strong impact and friction between fat cells, which can effectively consume calories. It consumes the water of the cells and shrinks the fat cells. In addition, when the sound wave vibrates, it can cause strong cracks and collisions between the cells. The cells burst instantly and the fat cells are reduced, thereby achieving the effect of removing fat.

3.Secondly, the ultrasonic cavity vibrates the liquid to produce tens of thousands of tiny bubbles, that is, cavitation bubbles. These bubbles grow in the negative pressure zone formed by the longitudinal propagation of the ultrasonic wave, and quickly close in the positive pressure zone, thereby being compressed and stretched under alternating positive and negative pressures. At the moment when the bubble is compressed and collapsed, it will burst, which will generate a huge instantaneous pressure, which can be as high as tens of megapascals to hundreds of megapascals, and generate strong vibration and noise.

4 advantages of CaVstorm

1. New Ultrasonic Transducer

Base on cavitation 2.0 technology, we redesign the new ultrasonic transducer, which is much stronger than old version.
Ultrasonic Transducer of Cavitation 2.0: output of power in one point.
Ultrasonic Transducer of Cavitation 3.0: output of power cover all transducer.

2. Work efficiency

With more strong power of the ultrasonic transducer, save much working time and improve efficiency of treatment.

3. Low loss rate

More high-quality and energy-saving handle materials to reduce the loss rate.

4. Storm Vacuum & Cavi probe, 2 function double result.

Storm vacuum accumulate fat cellulite, and then Cavi achieve concentrated blasting.

1.before using CaVstorm, clean the skin and apply appropriate beauty and skin care products to ensure the normal operation of the instrument; the first step is to remove the metal jewelry we are wearing before treatment to avoid weakening the effect of ion pulse;

2.Sensitive skin will have slight redness and swelling after using CaVstorm, which is normal and will disappear soon;

3. Use Storm vacuum and Cavi probe to burst fat, it is recommended not to exceed 2 times a week.

4. During the operation of Storm vacuum and Cavi probe fat explosion, there must be other media such as gel, otherwise it will cause a certain loss of the instrument.

5. During Storm vacuum and Cavi probe burst treatment, some customers may experience tinnitus. This phenomenon is normal, because this band has exceeded the range of human sound waves.

6. The Storm vacuum and Cavi probe collection wave fat head of this instrument cannot be used on the head (above the neck). Not suitable for glottis and sexual organs.

7. After treatment, the user should add water in time.

Finally,the above are some reviews. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.Welcome to use our latest product 2-in-1 comprehensive beauty device, which is the latest slimming and firming product that combines negative pressure radio frequency and negative pressure & CAVI application integration technology. 3.0 Cavitation is a professional cosmetology instrument. It needs professionally trained operator to operate it. If the instrument is used incorrectly, it may cause harmful consequences to the human body. Therefore, we hope that anyone who operates this instrument will first read it carefully. We believe that our high-quality products will bring you good income, and our perfect after-sales service will make you worry-free.

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