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A Must-have For All Sports And Fitness Fans! -EMS Training Suit

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Want to exercise but don't have time? How about a sports suit which allows you to do two hours of exercise in 20 minutes? EMS suit training can be used for muscle conditioning and fortification, and it is indeed 21st-century training. People are paying more and more attention to this future-oriented training method, with thousands of satisfied customers. why? These trainings are short, stylish and proven to be very effective! Here I share one most effective EMS suit training device which is Mychway MS-121X1.

What is EMS training suit?

EMS technology is more commonly used in physical therapy to prevent muscle atrophy or prolonged inactivity after surgery. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) training is a full-body exercise that uses low-frequency electrical pulses to simultaneously target the body's major muscle groups. With the help of a set containing electrodes, extra stimulation passes through the muscles. It stimulates deep muscles, helping to increase strength, increase endurance and reduce weight.


How does EMS training suit work?

In traditional strength training, the brain emits an impulse to stimulate certain muscle contractions. The electric muscle stimulation (EMS) suit makes your muscles work harder. When the suit is on your body, it will make your body feel it is buzzing. The EMS device creates pulses which transmitted through the electrodes to the surface of the muscle. Impulsive causes muscle contraction, so the result is similar to the actual movement and regular contraction of the muscle.

What can EMS do for us?

EMS training stimulates all major muscle groups and also contributes to the development of motor nerve connections associated with muscle movement. Even weakly connected muscles are activated by sending electrical impulses directly to these motor nerves. Since muscle fibers are activated in an abnormal sequence during EMS training, more intense training can be performed from the outset, creating more muscle fibers at a faster rate. More active muscle tissue requires more energy, so burn more calories even at rest!


How often should I do training with EMS suit?

EMS training works with electrical pulses, which are similar to the natural stimulus conversion of the body. These extra impulses stimulate the muscles through an adjustable body training suit. This advanced technology completes all the benefits of a 90-minute workout in just 20 minutes, and 2 training sessions per week are enough!

What are the benefits of EMS weight loss kit training?

1.Building muscle
The electrodes are placed on the body directly on the major muscle group, so all pulses reach the target place.
2.Improve posture
Using EMS can help improve your posture because special training programs include exercises for the back, lower back, abdomen, and even shoulders.
3.Achieve a healthy body
Full body EMS strength training combined with aerobic exercise can help you build muscle, burn fat and reduce cellulite. The circulation of muscles and connective tissue will be enhanced, which can lead to tighter and more fit skin.
4. Save time
A 20-minute workout on an EMS device is equal to a 2-hour standard workout. Six times more than traditional fitness. Think about the time you save every week. As the old saying goes, “Time is money” and it is especially important in today's busy world. With EMS, you can complete 120 minutes of training in 20 minutes.

What makes the training of the MS-121X1 EMS Micro Current so unique?

EMS training equipment, unique design, and unique features make EMS training exceptionally effective. The training program is defined as settings based on various different parameters, such as pulse time, pulse width, pause time, etc., which produce pulses within a particular desired range of intensity of the selected exercise. When the program is running, the desired pulse will be emitted for the duration selected previously. This makes it possible to participate in "freestyle" training. Everyone reacts differently to the current intensity. Therefore, the current intensity must be individually adjusted according to the respective current sensitivity. The combination of comfortable and well-equipped training suits and advanced stimulation techniques also increases the effectiveness of EMS training.


Who is not suitable for EMS suit training?

People with neurological or heart problems and epilepsy, cardiac pacemaker, pregnant woman are not recommended to do the EMS training program.

Can I alleviate the help of EMS training?

The EMS body suit can maintain fat by stimulating deep tissue burning calories three times faster. According to past research, with the help of EMS exercise, body fat has decreased by 4% in six weeks! It promotes metabolism and helps to significantly reduce weight. In the first phase, you will lose centimeters, and then in the second phase, fat deposits will be broken down, leading to weight loss. Therefore, EMS training is the best way to lose weight easily and quickly.


1.Which is better: EMS training and traditional training?
In terms of EMS exercise and regular exercise, EMS training is 6 times more effective than the latter. Plus, you get the same effect as a traditional workout in just 20 minutes.

2.How long does the EMS training course last?
EMS exercise lasts for 20 minutes. Fit and relax may take an extra 5-10 minutes, but the overall training takes only 20 minutes.

3.How often should I go to an EMS training?
We recommend once or twice a week because this is a high-intensity workout. In addition, your body needs time to rest and recover.

4.Why is EMS training so effective?
It activates 90% of the muscles simultaneously in a short period of time. Unlike traditional exercise, it is aimed at deep muscles that improve coordination and make this form of training effective and fast.

5.What to eat/drink?
A balanced diet is key to maintaining moisture before, during, and after EMS training.

6.Is EMS training safe?
Yes. Low-frequency electrical pulses through the muscles are harmless. So you can safely benefit. precautions need to be taken.

If you have more questions about health and fitness related to EMS training, please contact us.

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