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12 Tips To Help You Lose Weight.

  • Author: VincyDate:11-02-2021

From the perspective of physiology, to lose weight is to control calories gap, that is to consume more calories than absorb it. All we have to do is to develop a good dietary habit and do exercise. The principle and methods of weigh reduction are very well known. Basically, everyone know about them. But in fact, it’s so hard to lose weight because it involves every aspect of a person’s life. Therefore, we should follow professionals’ advices to avoid detours.

1.Have Enough Sleep

The first thing we have to learn about having enough sleep is that we should make ourselves sleep well in most cases. Body internal environment, hormone secretion and energy metabolism will stabilize after we developed a regular sleeping habit.

2.Eat Slowly

When you eat, the time gap between stomach and brain is 20 minutes. That is to say, when your stomach is full, it takes 20 minutes for your brain to receive the signal from a full stomach. So if you eat slowly, you can less 66 calories intake. In other words, you can lose 20 pound of weight in a year.

3.Eat Good Fats

Many people think that if we want to lose weight then we have to refuse eating fat. But in fact, some fats(Omega-3) will not increase body fat but instead stimulate the consumption of body fat. Therefore, we have to limit the intake of trans fat(abound in oily and processed food) and saturated fat(fat) rather than of any kind of edible oil.

4.Drink More Water

The more water you replenish, the bigger chance you can maintain a good body figure. For adults, it’s advised to drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily. According to research, compared with people who drink water due to thirsty, drinking 2 cups of water before mean can loss more 30% of weight. And adding ice can achieve a better effect. However, it’s not advised to drink fruity drinks since its main ingredients are made of syrup which only increases your waistline.

5.Don’t Eat Fruits and Vegetables Only

If you only eat fruits and vegetables, then your body can not gain enough amino acid from them which results in decomposing of a great amount of muscle which is largely related to metabolism. If you want to remove fat through this method, probably you will lose 5 kilos of muscle while only 0.5 to 1 kilos of fat within one month. More worse, a great amount of muscle get injured means your metabolism will lower greatly, and it’s even harder for your body to consume fat.

6.Don’t Do Aerobic Exercises Only

Although aerobic exercises consume calories at the beginning, it can’t maintain in a long term. Even the effect it offers is so amazing and incredible from the start, it can’t give you the same benefit after you got used to the intensity of some exercises. But for strength training, it’s more likely to empower you in a later time. Based on the principle of overly oxygen consuming, strength training is actually reducing fat. This is what you have to do continuously.

7.Maintain a Correct Training Motions

The most common mistake happens in bodybuilding is that we don’t master the moves accurately and we just imitate them, or even focus on heaviness and discard quality. To choose something that is proper in weight, and slow the moves when they fall back to feel your muscle that is working.

8.Take a Bath

To take a bath that lasts for 15 to 20 minutes within an acceptable temperature range. You will have the feeling of sweating. (keep the space ventilated and don’t take bath with an empty stomach.) You will notice the size of your thigh is reduced after a period of time.

9.Do it Step by Step & Don’t Pursue Speed Too Much

The long time it takes to reduce weight, the harder for it to get rebound. More importantly, your body experiences no discomfort and can even slowly regulate various functions and contributes to the formation of a slim physique. Therefore, it’s better to be slower than hurry, and don’t pursue fast speed for weight loss, otherwise it may rebound in later stage.

10.Keep Track of Body Conditions Timely

Why do people get addicted to computer games? It’s because his timely feedback mechanism, and everybody has a visible experience points, and they know all their actions will add experience points for the role they play in the games. So is the same with weight loss. Many people give it up is just because they don’t know what the effects for doing exercise and keeping a good dietary habit are, and they don’t get a feedback from it after a period of time, then their passion for workout fade away. It’s advised that everyone keep track of the size and weight in the next morning after exercise.

11.Adjust Workout Plan Monthly

The workout plan should not maintain the same because the body has a strong adaptability. If we do the same exercise for a long time, the energy dissipation of our body will lower. To ensure that you will not encounter bottleneck period, it’s better for you to change your workout plan or increase the intensity every month

12.Keep a Good Mentality

Weight loss is a long journey. You have to face it calmly and let it go when you don’t eat well or don’t do exercise someday. Then you just put everything in place again. Those who lose weight successfully are those who has a strong heart and are unmoved either by gain or loss.

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