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10 Things To Know About Laser Hair Removal

  • Author: LeoDate:11-03-2021

Unfortunately, permanent hair removal — whether on the body or the face—is impossible. Somebody holds the view that there's no one method that'll remove all unwanted hair permanently. "Rather, the correct term is ‘permanent hair reduction," and, "The majority of hair growth is driven by hormones, so if the balance of hormones changes, this can lead to stimulation of hair follicles resulting, in new hair growth." The statistics show that laser hair removal is one of the useful ways to remove unwanted hair. So let’s talk about 10 things to learn about this way.


Be patient, it takes more than one treatment

Successful hair removal method usually requires 4-8 separate treatments spaced 3-6 weeks apart. Because all of your hair follicles have different growth cycles, treatments should be regularly scheduled to get a full result. You should expect to see a noticeable reduction in hair growth after 2-3 sessions. But is necessary to need maintenance treatments once or twice a year because fluctuating hormones can cause some hair to grow back.

It’s more effective on dark hair

Laser hair removal works best with darker hair, because lasers target pigment or color in the hair follicles, on the other hand blonde or white hair may not respond as well to laser. Skin color plays a role in the specific laser that is selected, and modern, sophisticated lasers can deliver good results in people with lighter, finer hair.

It\'s not that painful

Laser energy converts to heat, which damages the hair follicle. Many newer lasers have a cooling mechanism. You may feel a quick, sharp pain in more sensitive areas such as the face, but it's totally tolerable. So don’t be afraid of the treatment it isn’t much painful.

Side effects are mild and temporary

After laser hair removal, there will be a slight burning sensation and slight redness in the treated area, and lighter erythema may also appear on the skin around the hair follicles. These are normal reactions. Many newer lasers have a cooling mechanism. You may feel a quick, sharp pain in more sensitive areas such as the face, but it's totally tolerable. Pay attention not to scald the hair area with hot water, otherwise the skin will be easily irritated, causing local redness and infection.

Stay out of the sun

After doing laser hair removal therapy, skin is particularly vulnerable not exposed to the sun, otherwise it is easy to pigment, so the hair removal parts in 3 months to half a year must make efforts to prevent bask in. When in outdoors, you’d better to apply natural sunscreen, and wear a pith helmet, protect the skin from damage. Because of this, fall and winter are the best times for laser hair removal.

Pay attention to your diet

The diet after laser hair removal treatment is also not to be ignored. Do not eat spicy and irritating foods, such as chili, pepper, pepper, ginger, mustard, etc., so as not to affect the recovery of the hair removal area. You can eat vitamin C tablets or take in rich food. Vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C, such as broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, tomato, kiwi, lemon, etc. Vitamin C supplementation can improve skin resistance, help whiten skin and reduce pigment production.

Make sure you are not taking restricted medications

Some chemicals can make your skin more sensitive to laser exposure and lead to pigmentation abnormalities or even burns. Before your first appointment, be sure to check your complete medication list including antibiotics, topical solutions and birth control pills.

Don\'t wax

You will be instructed to shave a few hours before your first treatment, but make sure you don't pluck or wax because the laser needs to target pigment within the hair follicles.

It\'s really quick

Most treatment sessions last from a few minutes up to an hour depending on the size of the area and your skin type. You can return to work right after, but avoid perfume and deodorant after each treatment.
Don't settle on any laser practitioner
Regulations vary about who can operate a hair removal laser and the appropriate level of supervision. It's important to choose a board-certified physician with experience in laser technology to minimize the risk of pigmentary changes, scarring and burning.

Total cost depends on treatment size

Many clinics now offer treatment packages for specific areas and cost will be highest for extra-large areas such as entire legs and full Brazilian. The average cost will vary based on number of sessions, where you live and other factors.
Permanent hair removal is definitely an investment, but you will no longer need to spend time and money to shave an area of your body. Investing in yourself on something that will benefit your self-confidence is extremely important, and laser hair removal can be a safe and effective procedure to meet your goals.

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