Digital Galvanic Micro-current Face Lifting Skin Rejuvenation Skin Care Ce

digital galvanic micro-current face lifting skin rejuvenation skin care anti-aging beauty machine

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Digital Galvanic Micro-current Face Lifting Skin Rejuvenation Skin Care Ce


1. Anti wrinkles
2. Anti Age
3. Enhance skin texture
4. Enhance nutrient absorption


Penetrates the skin surface utilizing an electrical current. The galvanic treatment has two functions: the first, Iontoderm promotes with deep skin cleansing and the second, Iontophoresis facilitates cream, lotion, and solution penetration deep into the skin.
the Galvanic treatment as one of the most efficient molecule induction therapy known to mankind. The principle of the Galvanic induction treatment is extremely simple yet effective, the micro electricity emitted by the Galvanic roller will expedite the absorption of nutrition molecules applied to the surface of our skin and accelerate the speed of which they penetrate and combine with our skin cells. Typically, when we apply lotions, only the upper derma of our skin is fed. Any remaining excess will dry up and go to waste. The Galvanic roller will ensure that the nutrition inside the lotion will reach the lower derma of our skin and provide the imperative fruitful source for cell regeneration and growth.

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